some winter goals…

There’s something about these later months of the year that bring out a juxtaposition in me.  Of wanting to achieve things and round off the year on a high note, but also complete and utter lethargy too. (Winter, eh?!)  Anyhow, in order to combat the urge to just hibernate and eat 598 chocolate biscuits, I decided to set myself some goals for these final weeks ahead (and in to next year too!).  I thought I’d share them here too, in case you are feeling the pull to challenge yourself at the close of the year.  I mean, I’m not promising ground-breaking, life-changing stuff here  – just simple, achievable tasks.  Yours might differ in their content, but I think writing them down often makes us accountable to that piece of paper (or, y’know, a few thousand people on the internet!) and therefore more likely to follow through!



Spend more time in the out…

I always feel so much better when I’ve been outdoors, and I think it’s always about resisting the temptation to just hide under a blanket in the Winter, isn’t it?  But daylight makes for Vitamin D, fresh air, and a relaxed body that sleeps better.  If I ever find myself in a mood, or feeling under the weather, that little push to get outdoors always helps.




Make a Winter wreath

I’ve just recently ordered some really gorgeous brass wreath rings and am planning to make my own Winter wreaths for our home this season.  I’m really into that whole natural home look – lots of wood, weathered metals and greenery – and I’m excited to go foraging for some foliage to fill them.  If it all works out I’ll do a little post on my progress at some stage soon.  Wreaths are not just for Christmas.  I feel like if I say it enough people will believe me! 😉




Discover somewhere new…

Whether it’s a new-to-us coffee spot, a walk that we haven’t found before, or a whole new experience, I’m making January the month of new discoveries.  Winter is a perfect time to appreciate everything local I always think, and we love nothing more than getting out and about and trying new things.  Always super keen to hear your recommendations for things to see and do in NI!




Sort out my wardrobe…

It’s all getting a bit chaotic in there at the moment, and it’s definitely time for a good clear out before things get entirely out of hand. I need to (finally!) package up my Summer clothes and put them in storage and then organise all my cosier items too.  A bit of a declutter is also in order, as is listing a few items on my preloved account.




Plan a trip…

We’ve actually two trips in the offing for early next year, so finalising details on those will be on my agenda for the next few weeks.  We absolutely loved our weekend in Paris last January, and it was so lovely to have something to look forward to after the hype of Christmas had all died down.  Our children are much like us in that they really get excited by the prospect of a new adventure.  We’re really trying hard to make the effort to invest in experiences with them in these next few years, rather than focusing on material things.




Bake something festive…

My love for baking always re-emerges once I can put cinnamon in things. 🙂  I have a selection of Christmas recipes that I use on repeat, but I’m keen to try something new this year.  And cocktails!  Everything is well in the world when there’s a new cocktail recipe in the offing, right? 🙂




Move on with the office…

If you could be in our house on a daily basis you’d hear the word ‘office’ at least 639 times.  It is literally the slowest room refurb EVVVVER.  My goal for this next month is to nag Andrew enough (ha!) that we finally get it painted over the Christmas period.  I’m confident that we can do it ourselves and am actually excited to roll my sleeves up and get decorating!  After that it’s just a matter of ordering some flooring and we’ll be ready to set everything up in here.  My dream is to have everything ready, and a super bright space to take photos in, in the darker days of January and February.


So that’s it!  Seven simple goals for the rest of the season.  I think they’re all pretty achievable and I’m keen to get cracking.  It’s amazing how vocalising things can immediately motivate you.  I’d encourage you to try it if you’re feeling a little sluggish at present.

Happy end of year everyone!

Emma x


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