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I’ve chatted a bit on social media over the past few months, about us potentially starting a new build project in this coming year. We have lots to think through, plan and design before we fully commit, but it’s a seed of an idea that we are already thinking forward to. When we started to plan our current home and were in the design stages of it, the kitchen was always at the very centre of everything we based it on. It is one hundred percent the heart of our home – from homework scribbled at the table, to lazy Sunday pancakes, entertaining friends and all the big family occasions – it is most definitely the hub from which everything else flows. It’s no surprise then that in thinking forward, we have really been taking note of what is up and coming in kitchen design currently. I have many Pinterest boards to testify to it! 😉

Howdens recently asked me to work with them on sharing one of their new kitchen trends for 2019 and it seemed so fitting for me because so many of the elements contained within it are similar to features we have (and love!) currently. If anything, the Solace kitchen trend is a more sophisticated, contemporary take on our own current style, and one which I’d definitely aim to adopt in creating a new kitchen space in the future. It marries natural materials with a soft colour palette, and is sleek and minimalistic without being clinical. Everything I’d want at the centre of my home.


greenwich gloss white

maximising minimal

Scandi style simplicity is something that I have long aspired to, but with a family as busy (and harbouring an innate ability to shed clutter left, right and centre!) as mine, it’s not something that I’ve yet been able to master! Solace steps in to solve that, with a calm and clutter free kitchen exterior (the dream!) and practical solutions to discretely store away all the detritus of family life. It is designed to be restful, and perfectly sums me up – perhaps calm and somewhat put together on the surface, but often paddling furiously away underneath it all.

The trend encourages minimal visual distractions through the use of modest colours and materials but is far from stark. Tactile elements such as raw timber, wicker, stone and concrete keep things fresh but also warm and inviting too.

clerkenwell super matt cashmere

greenwich light grey oak

a space to breathe…

For me, home is about creating a haven to come back to. It is the space in which we should feel most relaxed and comfortable. For some, that’s having all their most loved things around them, close to hand. There are definitely elements of that with us, but I always feel most at ease in an airy, tidy space. It’s why Solace appeals so much to me I think. It is almost a kitchen that feels like a living space, and would be perfect for smaller homes and apartment living too I think. Especially areas where square footage is limited and living and dining merge. Open elements and simple forms are not too fussy or distracting, and it would give the illusion of an area being more spacious than it perhaps is.

clerkenwell super matt cashmere


dress it up!

The very simplicity of this kitchen trend allows it to be interpreted in so many different ways, and to suit lots of different lifestyles. For us, I’d add texture with rattan furniture, a raw timber table, stone dinnerware and textiles in linen and natural cotton. I’d keep the colour palette soft with ceramic tiles in beiges and winter whites, and add open shelving to store pretty pottery and my growing (Andrew would say excessive!) chopping board collection. Plants would soften the look further. Equally though, it could be developed into a really industrial scheme with concrete lighting (and flooring) frosted glass and darker accessories. It is totally adaptable, and perfect for a range of needs.

greenwich light grey oak

Who knows what 2019 will hold for us on the home front. It’s crazy to think that within this year we could potentially be starting this whole moving process once again. I’ve been asked recently if I find the notion of that daunting, and my answer is ‘Of course! A little.’ But mostly it is exciting to plan and to dream. And when you have opportunity to look at all the beautiful options for creating a totally new and totally practical heart of the home?

Well, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Emma x

**Thank you so much to Howdens for working with us on this feature. As always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely our own.**


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