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1 Comment

  1. March 11, 2019 / 12:28 pm

    Hard to remember back before the Internet – used to be an atlas (yes!), a Rough Guide and a phrase book…. Not forgetting the wee currency converter card you used to get from the bank with your foreign money and travellers cheques!

    Now it’s all on your phone!

    Instagram, pinterest and Airbnb are my definite go-tos, along with finding a few local bloggers guide to the off the beaten track places.

    Google Street- view also my best friend!

    My husband no longer asks “So how did you even find this place?”!!

    Planning is part of the joy of a holiday for me…. Everyone else in the family happy to just turn up.

    When we are there I try to not over schedule, but just have a list if a few restaurants / coffee shops / ice cream shops, pretty streets/views in each area, then if we “happen” to stumble upon them it’s a bonus.

    Went back to NYC for our 25th wedding anniversary – I basically planned where I wanted to see each sunset!

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