packing for paris…

and a little on my style lately!

Andrew and I are heading off for a little mini break next weekend.  We fell in love with Paris last January when we took the kids, and so we decided to beat the January blues by making a return visit this year too.  As I get older I feel I’m getting a bit better at this whole capsule packing thing.  I mean, it’s far from cracked yet (I’m too fond of hats and coats and always want to bring and wear them all in the Winter!) but I’m getting better organised at writing lists, not bringing more than what I really need, and accessorising where possible too!


Eiffel Tower

View across the Seine

so, what to bring for a weekend city break?

I thought I’d let you into my capsule packing psyche a little.  I always find these sorts of posts really interesting, and it will maybe offer a little inspiration if you are off for a weekend away this Winter too.

I feel like my personal style has really evolved in this year past.  I’m less inclined to gravitate towards trend led pieces now, and much more comfortable with my own look.  It has taken a while to get here, mostly because I really, really love clothes, ha!  The temptation to jump on new trends is always there, and I think if we’re feeling a little dissatisfied with ourselves or our bodies, we can often look to fashion as a quick fix.  I think learning about what suits my shape has really helped with this, as well as just feeling more comfortable in myself as I get older too.


Jeans and Blouse


The discovery of straight legged jeans was a revelation to me last year, and if they can be cropped with a raw hem, then even better!  The 80’s, mom-style shape suits my curves and I’m all about wearing them with little blouses tucked in and ankle boots or loafers.  It’s comfy, practical, put together and doesn’t require much thought.  Basically my dream outfit!

jeans, similar blouse, necklaces

I’ll be popping both my raw hem and stitched hem styles in my case, for both day and evening.  They work equally well dressed up and down I think!  I’ll throw in a few little blouses too – easy to squeeze in and really versatile for layering under knitwear (or over polo neck jumpers!)  I’m loving this one and this one at the moment!


Paris Metro sign

Coat, Beret, Jeans and Boots

Eiffel Tower street view


I’m going to try my best to just bring one coat this time, although if there is space I might stretch to two (what if one got wet you see?  That’s the mum in me coming out there! 😉  This one is a recent favourite, but I’ve found similar here and here.

coat, beret, jeans, boots

my packing list…

jeans x2 (for day and evening)

blouses x2

sweater or cardigan

a dress


hat (bobble and beret!)

scarf and gloves (I have this one and these and love how they match everything!)

boots x2 (I love these neutral ones with cropped jeans!)

jewellery (my Missoma necklaces come everywhere with me.  I rarely take them off.)

a crossbody bag (this Zohara one is my favourite and is perfect for day and night time equally)

nightwear (I just recently bought these pjs and love how soft they are whilst also being super chic!)


Comfortable, practical outfits for sightseeing and long, lazy lunches (and some Angelina hot chocolate too.  I’m still thinking about it almost a year on!)  I mean, we’re not making any fashion milestones here but I think maybe in developing a really defined style of your own you are rocking your own little corner of the sartorial world?  That’s my take on it anyway, and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

Interested to hear if you have any Paris tips.  I’m always so grateful for all your suggestions!


Emma x



  1. January 11, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Oh have such a brilliant time in Paris hunny. What a romantic trip and place to visit. I love it there sadly we had a bad accident with B there cut his thumb off and had to have surgery to put it back on so hubby just refuses to go back ever. I am sad because it’s so lovely there. I take my mom when she visits me. Can’t wait to follow along and see your photos.

  2. January 12, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    Paris is so beautiful, a little chilly in the winter but still stunning.
    There is a little side street down near Notre Dame I believe which is amazing! It has so many little souvenir shops and food places which are a lot cheaper than the main street french restaurants.
    There is always one side of the eiffel tower that is busier than the other, unfortunately I can’t remember which as it was a long time ago I did the Eiffel tower.
    Other than that have an amazing time and I can’t wait to see what you discover and all of the beautiful pictures!
    Hayley The Tiny recently posted…2017: The Year I met my heroMy Profile

  3. January 15, 2018 / 2:14 pm

    Have the best time Emma, I love Paris. I love that beautiful white shirt you are wearing. x

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