clashing prints this spring…

Stripes with everything, am I right?

All this mild weather must be going to my head, because I stepped out on Friday evening with sandals on.  I know!  It’s always a good day when the Lotta’s can come back out of storage. 🙂

There’s nothing quite like those first few warmer days of the year to inspire a bit of a wardrobe change up.  We’re a way off Summer dressing yet, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing a few lighter pieces and mixing them up with the basics. I discovered this pretty skirt the other week and thought it would work so well in the Summer with simple broderie tops, but also now with my extensive Breton collection too.  I mean, the clash of prints just shouldn’t work but somehow does.  In any case, I’m all about that quirky, eclectic style.



Striped Top : BODEN

Skirt : TU


Florals and nautical stripes.  Pretty much Spring in a nutshell!

E x



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