back to school with Marks and Spencer… #ad

… and what i’ll be wearing this autumn too!

In a rare moment of organisation (they’re fewer and fewer these days!) I actually got ahead of myself and sorted school uniform last week. We’re only just starting our Summer holidays over here, but there’s something lovely (and a little bit smug! ;)) about having the new term’s gear already hanging in the wardrobe.

We absolutely adore M&S in general, and their school uniform is no exception at all. It’s my go-to every year, and hits the nail on the head every time, with regards to affordability, washability (made up word but should totally be a thing, right?) practicality and comfort. You know what you are getting I think, and the same high level of quality that M&S is renowned for is always evident in their school lines too.

noah’s school shirt, noah’s shorts, noah’s shoes

annie’s shirt, annie’s pinafore, annie’s shoes

unicorn lunchbox, maths workbook

September always starts so full of promise – new books, shiny new shoes, the smell of pencils and a whole academic year ahead. I mean, we’ve usually scuffs on the shoes and yoghurt down the shirts by break time on day one, but at least I’m confident that I’m sending my guys out looking spick and span first off.

my dress

I love how M&S school uniform is built with both kids and parents in mind. From stain resistant technology to easy-iron, adjustable waists to suit growing bodies and Freshfeet options in school shoes, everything is designed to be user friendly and to last. The uniform that I bought last July still looked as good as new at the end of term in June, and took me minimal time to wash and press each Sunday evening. Anything that caters to busy parents, whilst providing real comfort (no scratchy shirts or stiff leather here!) is a total winner in my book. And it’s always a bonus if kids actually want to wear it too!

As a layover from my teaching days, I’ve always viewed the start of September as a time for starting my Autumn wardrobe too. Even now, back to school for the kids symbolises a return to full throttle freelance life for me, and dressing comfortably but professionally is always key. I find I’m so much more productive if I’m actually ready for the day, but cool and comfortable are still real priorities for me whilst working. M&S never fails to come up trumps for the adults in the group too, and I’m ready to take on whatever the Autumn season throws at me – whether it’s frantic deadlines, running for emergency PE kit supplies, or the craziest packed lunch request.

floral dress

polka dot dress

I guess the key to cracking this school mum thing is in being prepared. I definitely can’t always claim to be organised, but on the outside at least we look neat and put together. And for those small mercies I’m very thankful.

Here’s to another really successful school year!

Emma x

**This post was written in collaboration with M&S Ireland and Shopping Links. As always, all words, images, opinions and love of shiny new shoes is entirely our own.**


  1. Charis
    July 9, 2018 / 11:40 am

    As an ex teacher I feel that you are a bit premature in your back to school post regarding uniform! Surely the kids are only just off school and in my experience they tend to grow significantly in the months of July and August. But I guess it’s a paid partnership with M&S who always have back to school notifications up before the end of June before the school kids are even off! Just something I find annoying as I am a teacher myself. Please let us just enjoy the months off with our families before we think of the Autumn routine.

    • Emma
      July 10, 2018 / 9:38 am

      Hi Charis,
      I can totally see where you are coming from but I always buy my uniform early in the Summer (mostly to avail of the 20% off at M&S!) I’ve been doing it for years and it just ensures that I get all the sizes I need (I usually buy the size up and it has always been totally fine for my guys) If anything it actually helps me to enjoy the Summer more, knowing that we are organised and sorted, and I don’t need to drag the kids round shops in late August then too (which they also appreciate. More time for fun!) I guess, as with anything, we all approach these things differently. This is just my way of doing things and I really don’t mean to make you feel you have to do that too.
      Have a wonderful Summer. I always said the best thing about teaching was July and August 😉 I hope you have some lovely plans. Xx

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