back to school this autumn with next

Can you believe we’re thinking of school again already? Where has the Summer gone?!

We always love September over here though, and there’s a real sense of promise and a fresh start that the new term brings. I think it’s a lay-over from my teaching days, but there’s something about shiny shoes and new pencils that always gets me enthusiastic for the Autumn. It’s definitely a feeling that the kids get on board with too!

With three kids to kit out each year though, I’m always looking for school uniform solutions that will be durable, comfortable and adjust as much as possible while they grow. I like to stock up on multiples of things as well – Noah has a habit of spilling yoghurt first thing on Monday, and I’ve come to learn to be prepared for every eventuality. (If we make it through the first week of term without a tear in some item of clothing I’m chalking it up as a win! 😉 )

Next recently got in touch to see if Annie and Noah would like to road test some of their new school uniform range and I was interested to try it too, from the perspective of a mum that does way too much washing and mending during those term time weeks.





The thing that the kids love about the uniform range from Next (apart from that metallic pom pom backpack which totally won Annie over in the first three seconds!) is how soft and wearable everything is. A far cry from the starchy, stiff uniforms of old, this is very much made with children in mind. Annie loved her jersey pinafore and gave it the full once over by running, jumping and twirling to test it out fully. She can be a difficult one to dress, and isn’t keen on anything tight or constricting, and so I loved how easily she could move in this, and how comfortable she seemed too.




Jersey Pinafore, School Shirts, Knee Socks, Patent Shoes


Noah is growing like a bean at the moment, but with long legs and a tiny waist we can often find it difficult to find trousers and shorts to suit. The beauty of Next pieces is that they are all designed with adjustable waists, and come in a range of different fits to suit even the most discerning ten year old. 🙂 I love how we can get that little bit longer out of each of the pieces too, by just letting out the waist a little. I also love that everything is so easily kept in good order – machine washable and tumble dry friendly (an absolute essential in our house!)



School Shirts, Shorts, Navy Socks, Shoes


We’ve been doing this school thing for seven years now, and my top tip is always to choose good, durable, hard wearing shoes. I feel they’re probably the most important aspect of all when it comes to uniform choices. They need to be suitable for the playground – comfy and easy to put on after PE changes – but also scuff resistant and supportive for growing feet. It’s probably the biggest challenge of all to get right for my children (we struggle getting shoes that don’t nip and rub) and so I was interested to see how they felt about the Next options. I was delighted to see that they offer patent choices for girls (always the hardest wearing I feel!) and opted for these little T bar ones for Annie. She loves them, and I actually think they’d look so pretty with a range of different outfits through the Autumn too. Noah hates laces, and so was delighted with his Velcro option (too busy to tie guys!) Best of all though, neither had any complaints about discomfort. We tested them out fully too!



I am wearing Blouse, Cardigan, Denim Leggings, Ankle Boots, Bag

Over all we are super impressed with our uniform from Next this year. I love how easy it is to replace it in a hurry (with next day delivery when you order by midnight), how simple it is to maintain, but most of all how comfortable the kids seem in it.

And as a mum that’s always the true test, isn’t it?


E x


Many thanks to Next for sponsoring this post.  All words, opinions, images, and love of new, shiny shoes entirely our own.


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