picnic prepping…

… and a garden weekend!

hello there!

I hope you had the loveliest bank holiday weekend. We spent it close to home and just really enjoyed our garden and a slow pace of life for a few days. Every May I remember why I love our home so much. The whole countryside seems to be in full bloom right now, and there’s honestly nowhere that compares for me when the sun shines.

When Golden Cow encouraged us to plan our first picnic of the year (and use their Golden Cow Softer in the production of it!) it seemed crazy to go anywhere else but the little forest right outside our door. I’ll not lie, the proximity to toilets, swings, the dishwasher 😉 and the peace and privacy of home, were all a major factor. We could have eaten inside of course, but these Summer days are fleeting, and sometimes you just have to eat out of tinfoil on a rug in your garden guys. 🙂

In any case, I’m really glad we did as these are some of my favourite pictures of recent days.

Annie (and Ernie!) helped me out with the picnic prep, and I put together these little Bento boxes for the kids. We always use these on picnics now, as they are the perfect way to portion and transport lots of different lunch things. I always say that a good 90% of our kids’ diet involves carbs (bread for life!) and we’ve been using Golden Cow Softer on top since it launched a year ago. We put it on everything from crusty to croissants, scones to sandwiches. It is Golden Cow butter softened with a hint of rapeseed oil, so it tastes totally delicious whilst spreading straight from the fridge. I’ve mentioned it before, but in these days of increasing independence for our children, I love that I can task them with helping in simple ways like sandwich making. Previously we’d have been eating bread with all the spread lumped in one area. Thanks to Golden Cow Softer though the Martin family sandwich game is now very strong indeed. 😉

When you think of it, it’s amazing how many of our biggest family moments are centred around food. Whether baking together in a cosy kitchen, sharing dinner on a wedding day, balmy holiday barbecues or simple garden picnics, often the best conversations are shared around the table (or rug!) It’s something I really treasure as our children grow up. These moments are the ones where we have space to chat, time to discuss, opportunity to be ourselves. I mean, in our house it’s often a matter of everyone talking at you at once, but we’re definitely working on that.

So simple little garden picnics, fresh bread deliciously topped by little hands, warm breezes and warmer conversations. These days are my favourite. The simple and ordinary.

And you don’t even need to leave home to have them.

Emma x

** Thank you so much to Golden Cow for sponsoring this post. As always, all words, opinions, images and love of carbs are entirely our own.**



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  1. Maeve Green
    May 31, 2018 / 9:56 am

    How lovely! Days at home are the best!

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