christmas shopping in the city {with ulster bank’s get cash service}

** Thanks to Ulster Bank for this advertorial and for giving me the push to finally finish my Christmas shopping!**

When it comes to Christmas (who am I kidding? When it comes to any big occasion!) I’m very much on the last-minute organisation train. I always feel that I complete my best work under pressure, and short deadlines are usually how I operate. It’s not without its panicky moments but it always gets done, doesn’t it?

Last week, Ulster Bank challenged me to finish off my Christmas shopping whilst exclusively using their Get Cash service. Get Cash is more for the forgetful type (this is me!) who leave their purse at home, or set their bank card down and temporarily forget just where they put it (online shopping is dangerous in so many ways! 😉 )

The bank’s Get Cash service allows customers to access cash from Ulster Bank ATMs using a code provided to them through the bank’s mobile app. These could be particularly useful around Christmas time – research from the bank shows that the Christmas period is a significant time of year for lost, misplaced, forgotten or stolen bank cards.

Accessing Get Cash through the mobile banking app allows you to choose the amount of cash that you would like to withdraw, whilst on the move. Ulster Bank then provides you with a secure code that is valid for three hours. You can use it at any Ulster Bank ATM and withdraw the money you need, meaning that your shopping flow need not be interrupted.

Another service the bank has is Emergency Cash.  It is primarily of use if your card happens to get lost or stolen, for instance while on a night out over the festive season. A simple call to the bank cancels it, but also allows you to withdraw funds from your account to see you through your evening (and get home too!) It’s peace of mind during a particularly busy period.

We headed into the city to see how it all worked in practice, and to blast our shopping list too…



Ulster Bank Get Cash
















One of the great things about using the service within the app is that it tells you exactly where your nearest cash point is. No searching around for one, or walking miles in a blind panic. The whole process was super simple and straightforward, and we were so impressed with the ease of use. I managed to pick up the last few little bits on my list, some gift wrap, and even grab a coffee, all without one single swipe of my card. Andrew was particularly loving how well it made me budget too. Money definitely feels more valuable in your hand, doesn’t it?

In this season of bustle and busy, anything that makes life that little bit simpler is a winner in my book. It’s comforting to know that, even if we’re subject to a bit of last-minute panic buying (always!), Ulster Bank has us covered.

Emma x


For Emergency Cash, in the case of lost or stolen cards, call Ulster bank to get a code for use at any Ulster bank ATM in Northern Ireland.  Calls cost 10p per minute, plus 16p connection charge from a BT line.  Calls from other networks may vary.  Calls may be recorded.

Customers can withdraw up to £300 if they are an Ulster Bank Anytime Banking customer, or up to £60 if not, provided the money is available in your account. You must have a minimum of £20 in your account to use Emergency Cash.  Ulster Bank will also cancel your card at the same time.

To use the Get Cash service you need a minimum of £10 in your account.  The code, generated by the app, is valid for three hours.  You can use Get Cash twice in 24 hours, withdrawing a maximum of £130.  You must stay within your withdrawal limit.  Anytime Banking can be used by those aged 11 and over with an eligible account.

The Ulster Bank app is available on most smartphones to customers with Anytime Banking and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Research conducted by Kantar Millward Brown on behalf of Ulster Bank, 2017.



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