a new term, working from home and this digital age… #ad

I feel like this Summer has been a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ type one. But then I think I say that about nearly everything these days! Life, for sure, moves at one crazy pace.

I’ve spent this past week in a frenzy of gathering the final bits of school uniform, organising new shoes and stationery (why do I always leave it so last minute?) and just generally cursing myself for being so disorganised. Ha!

September is always a bittersweet time, isn’t it? I do love the sense of new beginnings that the fresh academic year brings, but at the same time it’s always hard to lose your children back into the routine of education again. Particularly for us this year, as Noah works his way through the transfer procedure. (I feel like it was only yesterday that Eva did it?) If you’ve been through it yourself you’ll know, it’s a gentle process of coaxing and jollying, worrying and, definitely in our Noah’s case, of target setting and task managing. Never has a reward scheme been more useful!

I’m working with NI Broadband over the next few months to explore how we use Superfast Fibre Broadband in our own home and busy family life. It is a partnership that is so relevant to us, particularly at this point in our lives as we conduct so much of our business, learning and recreational time online. Over the Summer period between Youtube watching, gaming, Facetiming (and somewhere in the middle trying to keep on top of work projects!) our fibre broadband has totally come into its own. With increased speed, fast connections (even when we’re all online at once) and a stable, reliable service, we’d honestly be lost without it.

As I develop and grow my own online business, and particularly with the nature of it, I’m finding it increasingly important to have quick and easy access to speedy uploads, and assurance that I can still work seamlessly, even with the kids going about their routines too. Back to School brings extra time online in terms of homework, research, and the necessary carrot of some internet down-time (it might be all that gets Noah through the endless practice papers ahead!) With Superfast (and the new wave of Ultrafast that is currently being rolled out!) it is definitely made easier to keep on top of it all.

I can upload high res photos and videos to my blog in seconds, conduct Skype meetings, and work remotely without concern, all while Zoella and Cookie Swirl C do their thing in the background. 😉 And I can encourage my children to use the internet for positive, educational purposes too. In this digital age that we are a part of, I think we maybe need to just embrace the new wave of learning available to us, don’t we? There are so many amazing resources at our fingertips and, as a former teacher, I’m always so passionate about creating relevant, relatable, fun learning experiences for our children.

With that in mind, I’ve listed a few of our favourite, more educational websites and apps over on my instastories. I hope they’ll maybe be of some interest to you if you have children of similar ages and stages. And you can check out NI Broadband and use their postcode tool to find out what fibre speeds are available in your area too.

Happy new term!


Emma x

** Thank you to NI Broadband for partnering with us on this series of posts. As always, all thoughts, opinions, images and love of Zoella are entirely our own.**



  1. Clare
    September 1, 2018 / 8:25 am

    Love the pics of your inspirational honey Emma. I’m looking for a desk just like the one in Eva’s room. Where is it from? It’s lovely! Thanks

    • Emma
      September 1, 2018 / 9:20 am

      It’s just from Ikea Clare! We painted the little drawer then. Hope that helps you! Xx

      • Clare
        September 1, 2018 / 12:50 pm

        Thanks so much Emma. I just re-read my original comment and obviously meant “home” not honey!! Silly predictive text Xx

  2. Sinead Hogarty
    September 1, 2018 / 10:06 am

    Hi Emma. Am loving how your study/office is developing. Do you mind sharing where your wicker pendant shade is from. Thank you x

    • Emma
      September 1, 2018 / 10:28 am

      I got it from a little IG shop called The Home Trend Sinead. It was so reasonably priced too! Hope that helps you! Xx

  3. Lindsay Hellewell
    September 2, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    Hi Emma, I love your checked dress. Do you mind sharing where it’s from? x

  4. karena
    September 3, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    wonderful photos of the family as usual and such lovely style. we are transitioning with my little boy starting school this week – eek! a very emotional time! x

  5. karena
    September 3, 2018 / 9:18 pm

    loving your style as usual, how do you manage to get the children to have their photo taken, mine always run a mile so we have a dozen blurred shots! we are transitioning with my little boy starting school this week – eek! a very emotional time! x

  6. September 4, 2018 / 12:05 pm

    Love the photos and your gorgeous work spaces Emma. Happy new term ahead to you and the fam! xx

  7. Amanda
    September 18, 2018 / 4:27 pm

    Hi Emma, your photos are so lovely, can I ask where the chair in Ava’s room is from please ?

  8. kerry
    October 9, 2018 / 12:59 am

    I love your dress! where’s it from?

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