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Time spent with my gang is always such respite to a busy mind, and whilst we love wild adventures and exciting trips, it’s the simple days at home that are often the very best.

This Bank Holiday weekend just past, we decided to be a little more frugal with our spending, and to take advantage of all of the little bonuses that we often collect and then forget about.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I often swipe my Tesco Clubcard at the checkout and then put it straight back in my purse without too much thought.  But Tesco recently encouraged me to have a look at their new contactless card and app, and I was actually really surprised at what I’ve been missing out on.  The app makes it super easy to see how many points I’ve saved (1 point for every £1 I spend, and with three hungry children I’m spending a LOT of pounds!) and also to search for different ways to redeem them.  From activities and days out, to money off my shopping, I am totally on board with this idea of collecting as I spend.  And, for the sort who are forever misplacing store and reward cards (this is me!) you can even scan the barcode on your app at the till instead.

I’ve earmarked Dublin Zoo as something to save points for in the upcoming Halloween break, and I can exchange my Clubcard vouchers for tickets.  Bonus days out are the best days out! 🙂

A couple of Sundays ago we decided to stop by Tesco and stock up on a few picnic bits and pieces, before heading to one of our favourite places.  It ended up being a typical Northern Irish Summer day – a bit rainy, a bit humid, a bit blustery – but hey! Life isn’t so bad when you’ve made time to pop by the bakery counter for chocolate donuts!




By using our Tesco Clubcard, and checking the app in advance, we saved money off our picnic shop whilst also being able to earmark some produce that is currently on special offer too. Very often the simplest of activities are what kids find the most fun, and our rainy day picnic proved just that.

Recently I’ve been more determined to be savvy about my meal planning and shop sensibly.  With three rapidly growing children, keeping the fridge constantly full is always a concern.  I feel like I’m at the supermarket daily, no joke!  I’ll definitely be checking the Clubcard app regularly and planning our menu accordingly.  After all, every little bit saved is a little bit extra for treats, isn’t it?


E x


**Thanks so much to Tesco Clubcard for partnering with us on this post.  All opinions, words, images, and love of chocolate donut fuelled picnics entirely our own!**




  1. Diana McAleese
    September 6, 2017 / 11:28 am

    We do the exact same thing swipe and back into the purse it goes never really understanding what it’s all about……..but now I know thankyou we will now SWIPE AND APP and it just shows that EVERY LITTLE HELPS!!

  2. September 8, 2017 / 9:36 pm

    Love the Clubcard though I’m yet to download the app- this just reminded me! We have the points great for travel with Stena and, during the summer, all five of us got in to Alton Towers for £21!! Hard to bea!
    Wilma recently posted…Surviving the StormMy Profile

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