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 ‘winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire:
it is the time for home.’

edith sitwell

If there ever was a time for our homes to come into their own I think Winter is maybe it.  It’s where this whole notion of hygge has developed from I guess – the desire to be cosy, to be surrounded by things that make us happy and comfortable through these colder months, and to encourage quiet moments spent with loved ones too.  I always appreciate all the very little things so much more at this time of year; warm slippers, hot coffee, a scented candle, flashes of green amidst all the grey.  It solidifies the simple.

I asked recently on InstaStories if there was anything you’d like me to write about in these coming weeks and a few people mentioned home styling, and in particular how I put together little corners in our home.  This sort of thing is so individual of course – all taste is, isn’t it?  It’s what makes our homes so unique to us.  But I think there are a few little principles that can be applied regardless – whether you are a fan of crazy colourful interiors, or favour something more sedate.

my hygge…

colour and texture

When it comes to our home, we’re definitely ones to adopt more of a neutral palette.  I like the inside to reflect the outdoors too, particularly in our living space which has so much glass.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore colour too, but I think a theme based in nature is what suits our house style and location.




In the absence of colour I love using texture to give that cosy feel, and recently I’m leaning towards a really bohemian, eclectic look.  You can update your living space really easily (and affordably!) with a few new cushions and a cosy blanket or throw.  My favourite places to buy these are H&M, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

crosley record player, lamp, coaster

bring the outside in!

Plants, plants, plants!  Our home is ninety percent jungle and I absolutely love it! 🙂  True, there is a bit of maintenance with these guys (if you choose real ones.  Artificial ones are so good nowadays too!) but they are the best mood lifters, particularly in these days when there is little in the way of green outside!



I tend to invest in long lasting varieties (ie those which thrive on neglect 😉 ) such as ivy, succulents and fiscus trees.  I’m really loving wicker and water hyacinth baskets to put them in, and that whole natural, outside-inside look.  You can also do this by stacking logs in a basket or in a corner – I love them draped with an ivy plant.  Or hanging a branch or twig somewhere and covering it with fairy lights.


tree and basket, eucalyptus wreath

candles and cosy

I feel this one is totally self-explanatory, but anything that makes these darker days that little bit brighter I’m all for.  I’m recently really loving H&M for affordable candles that are beautifully packaged and smell wonderful.  Equally this one is totally delicious!  I pop mine on beautiful coasters to make a feature of them and group a few together for a more intense scent.  I’ve recently started using them more in the bathroom too for that little extra luxury.


tray, candle

little treats…

It’s often the smallest treats that bring me the most pleasure.  New bubble bath, a little bunch of new season blooms, a good book.  I’m taking respite in the little things this January and incorporating them into my home style too, rather than hiding them away.  Delicate jewellery, photographs, cards and fragrance bottles all can make the prettiest décor, styled in groups on tables and nightstands.  They’re easy to access too, meaning you’ll use them more often as well!


set the mood…

It can be through literature (books are my favourite and love to stack them as part of my décor, in places where they are easy to pick up and browse) music or art, but surrounding yourself with things that motivate you most is a sure-fire way to feel content and relaxed in your space.  I love typography in particular (words are my jam!) and collect prints in that style, balancing them against walls and on table tops.


 my favourite prints here


Hygge is as much a mindset as a style I think, and these are just some ways that I work at surviving the darker months.  I was saying to Andrew last night about how content I feel in our space and with our people.  A little bit of tinkering, a few new bits to brighten the space, and lots of slow moments enjoying it all – that’s the best part of Winter for me!

Emma x

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  1. January 17, 2018 / 10:34 am

    Love this post! The photos really give you a sense just of how stylish and cosy your little corners look! I can’t wait to start doing this when I move out into my own little house in the future, unfortunately nothing stays cosy and tidy very long in my mum’s house.

    I can’t wait to start incorporating my own little style and definitely invest in some nice indoor plants both real and artificial! We just got a christmas cactus and I’m in love <3
    Hayley The Tiny recently posted…2017: The Year I met my heroMy Profile

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