hygge-ing up our bedroom for autumn…

I know I’m supposed to be focusing on our office renovation (UPDATE – our sofa has arrived and I’m so excited about it! Cart slightly before the horse in the sense that nothing else is ready to accommodate it, but I have visions of unboxing its loveliness when everything else is done and not having to wait 574 weeks for it to arrive.  Forward planning guys.  Forward planning!)  With things being held up while we wait on builders, I’ve taken to re-jigging a few things in our bedroom this past week or so instead.  It all started with the adoption of two new plant friends after a spontaneous Bank Holiday IKEA trip and, as happens quite often over here, it ended with a huge declutter and moving around of several bits of furniture.  You gotta’ make room for Maurice and Christiano Ronaldo when they come to stay. (To be clear, those are the plants.  We’re not in the market for adopting Spanish football players, much as Andrew might like to!)

Anyhow, I thought I’d show you how I’ve cosied up the space for the cooler days that are coming, as well as highlighting a few new pieces too!




I’ve written at length about our bedroom makeover here (all the colours/ furniture/ lighting links are over there!)   We redecorated it back in November of last year, and made a move away from the more chintzy, feminine look that we had previously, to something a little bit more contemporary.  I really love it now – it’s such a calming, serene space, and I’m all about those vintage elements too.  I’m really into prints propped up against the wall at the moment and after finally framing this Sonni and Blush one that I’ve had for an age, I added it on the floor with a black and white photo that Andrew took years ago in Rome.  We were recognising the Insta-potential before Insta was even a thing! 😉

I have some mismatched vintage style mirrors to go up on the chimney breast (I’m loving mirrored glass against the exposed brick!) and I’ll show you that when we get them up this weekend.  I’m often asked about the ones we have in our landing, which were from Laura Ashley many moons ago.  I got our new ones in Marks and Spencer though and they are equally as lovely!




Hello Christiano Ronaldo! 🙂  We absolutely love IKEA for house plants, and they are so affordable too.  This one (which I can’t pronounce, but it sounds like Christiano, hence the name!) was so inexpensive – he and his basket were under £30 altogether.  It really fills this corner of the room so nicely and I’m loving the feng shui of having big, structural greenery in the room.




Our big, floor leaning mirror is a very recent addition and I’m so pleased with it.  I shared this over on Instagram, but after looking everywhere for one of these I eventually stumbled upon one on Argos.  It was reduced in the sale and came with same day delivery – all for under £75!  I was afraid that it would feel flimsy and cheap, but it’s such a solid piece.  I’m so delighted with how it looks here.  The Monstera here is our other IKEA plant purchase and is equally as lovely.

I got this faux sheepskin rug last year in Dunelm, but IKEA have super similar ones at the moment too!





Not much has changed in our dressing area and ensuite other than a good tidy out (the new season always inspires me to have a clear out and reorganise!)  I’m planning a proper dressing room and storage post in the next while as I know it’s something lots of people are interested in.  We haven’t the hugest space in the world, but have made it work pretty well I think.  Let me know if you’ve any questions you’d like me to answer on it!

And that’s it up here!  I never take any encouragement to get into bed at the end of the day, but I’m loving it that little bit extra right now!

E x





  1. September 1, 2017 / 11:36 am

    I love making wee changes- makes everything feel fresh and new! Such a lovely space x

  2. September 4, 2017 / 10:45 am

    I always love your interior style and we are mirror twinsies too. haha I love love Ikea for plants and the price because let’s face it I tend to kill a lot of my plants often so I can’t afford to go expensive just in case. lol Love the mix matching knobs on your grey dresser and am dying to see your office room addition to your house. Hopefully in person next Easter missing you all hope all is well babes. We just got back from America, fighting jetlag.

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