festive home {our decorating day}

It’s CHRISTMAAS! (Too soon?)

I feel like I held out the whole of November for this and now that December is here I’m just ready to head full tilt into all the festivities. 🙂  We started this weekend by decorating our house, and it’s so lovely having all the fairy lights and sparkle around again.  Inevitably I’ll be so fed up with it all by Boxing Day but for now I’m loving the extra twinkle that this season brings.

I thought I’d share a few pictures from around home this past weekend.  I tend to document this day every year and it’s really lovely to look back on these types of posts I always think.  December often passes in a bit of a blur, doesn’t it?  It’s good to embrace the slow days too, and to mark those little traditions and moments that are so significant in our calendar.


Christmas kitchen


bringing home the tree!

We went for a Nordman Fir this year as we really loved the fluffier branches and almost bluey grey colour.  It has that slightly Scandi look too – maybe not your traditional perfect Christmas tree shape, but something a little more individual.  Outside I’ve decorated our steps with a baby tree from Sainsburys and added some little pots of white hyacinth bulbs, lanterns and ivy to welcome guests.  Our wreath is from The White Company.



It’s a rite of passage in our house that you get to put the star on top of the tree until you are too big to fit on Daddy’s shoulders.  Annie is just about still fitting on there so she did the honours again this year.  I think we might need to invest in a step ladder going forward! 😉  Also slightly concerned about Ernie’s fascination with the tree this year.  I keep coming into the kitchen to find him suspiciously close to it!



I let the kids just go for it in the playroom and I think they did such a good job!  I mean, there are definitely a few gaps around the top there and that dangly teapot is just itching to be moved,  but I’m not interfering (promise!)  Sometimes you just have to leave them to it! 😉



We made the nicest mulled pear cider on Sunday afternoon.  I shared the recipe on Stories at the time but I think I’ll pop a quick post up here at some stage too as it is so delicious.  The perfect alternative if you’re not a fan of mulled wine too!

I’m yet to get a good picture of our hall tree as it needs a few more decorations and a new star for the top, but no doubt I’ll have you tortured once I get that sorted. ha!

For now, I hope you are having a good week so far and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Emma x

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