favourite corners of my home…

the spring edition!

It’s no secret that I have a huge passion for interiors. It was the starting point for this whole blog initially, and continues to be one of the mainstay themes of it, even to this day. Our home has evolved lots in the past five years, and still continues to do so, as we begin to refurb certain parts and finish off things too. I always love to document each stage of change as I think it will be so lovely to look back on in years to come – when we’re all probably regretting those pink sofas and pom poms! (#never)

a few favourite corners…


01. our bedroom

When we first did this room it was very chintzy and floral but we’ve gradually committed to a much more pared back and grown up look. I’m still so glad that we went with exposed brick in here as it gives a real loft style vibe to the room. You can see all the details of how we put this room together here, including paint colours, furniture and fittings!

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02. the kids’ rooms

When they’re tidy (not often!) I love to potter about in the kids’ bedrooms, mostly because the light is so lovely up here. Our house is a storey and a half so we have eaves in all the rooms upstairs and I think it gives a really cosy feel to the spaces. Annie and Noah’s rooms are linked by a Jack and Jill ensuite too, and I’m so glad that we did this. Mind you, if we were ever to build again I think a shower room each might be the better option!

Annie’s room tour here, Noah’s here and Eva’s here!

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03. our kitchen / living space

We spend most of our time in here and I really love the countryside views that surround it, and the light that we get in here all day long. It’s especially lovely in the Spring time when everything starts to come alive again outside, and you get a ringside seat as the new baby bunnies get to grips with life outside the warren. I’ve recently updated our soft furnishings in here with lots of texture in shades of white and cream. I think it adds a really fresh feel for this brand new season.

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04.  the office

Our newest space and my current favourite to hang out in. I have a full post on the progress here. We have a few bits and pieces to finish off in here over the Easter break, and I have lots of organising and styling to do, but I’m so pleased with how it is all looking so far. We collected our radiator last weekend and I really love it!

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05.  the bathroom

Very little has changed in here since we moved in five years ago, and I think that’s testament to how carefully we chose everything initially. It definitely wasn’t the case in every area of our house, but I still love the bathroom as much now as I did then. You can’t go wrong with classic fittings I think!

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over to you…

I’m planning a dedicated interiors Q&A really soon, so I’m really interested to hear if you have any home based questions.  Anything at all from the technicalities of building (I’ll get my architect on to those ones! 😉 ) to where to buy plants and accessories.  Do let me know!

Emma x

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