bedrooms for tweens {eva’s room tour}

I should start by saying that I’d quite happily move into Eva’s room myself, so this notion of creating a ‘tween’ bedroom is more about making something that embraces all those aspects of growing up I think.  We wanted something cool and quirky, whilst providing Eva with lots of storage, and a calming place to retreat to for homework and study in these next lot of years.

I had in mind a blush colour for the walls and initially chose really badly.  Our decorator was so gracious though, and kindly mixed me up a new colour while I watched, to ensure we got it just right second time round.  I erred on the side of caution and we ended up with just the slightest whisper of pink.  Both Eva and I really love it, and it perfectly offsets all the metallic pieces that we gathered to dress the room with.




We opted for open storage in here and, if you follow over on my Insta-stories, you’ll know that I was very much in two minds about it!  So far we are really pleased with it though – the frameless aspect of it makes the room feel so much bigger than fitted wardrobes would and there is a tonne of useful storage within it.  It was also super affordable (we got this system!)

Her upholstered headboard came from Next and the gold lettering above from M&S (I think it’s maybe supposed to be a Christmas decoration but serves just as well for all seasons I reckon!)




Little step stool from IKEA (I explained how I painted these here.)




The bedding in here is from Cologne and Cotton, with a quilt and cushion from Zara Home.  The desk and chair are again IKEA (I painted the desk drawer in Cuprinol Sweet Pea) and the seat pad is from M&S.




We got Eva this little Crosley record player for her birthday back in October and wanted to make a feature of it in her room.  I had this old butler table and it has turned out to be the perfect little spot for it. (On a side note, the sound off these is really beautiful and this Disney covers album is one of the best I’ve heard in ages.  Disney classics by modern artists. Amazing!)

Andrew made this Edison bulb light fitting by joining three lights from IKEA together.  They were these ceiling fittings combined with these bulbs previously! 🙂





I wanted to put a lot of art work in here, particularly things that mean a lot to us, and also motivational words too (I mean, we all know how I love a quote! 😉 )

The pieces are from various places – Brown Paper Packages, Aly Harte, Sonni and Blush, Oliver Bonas and Proverbial Daisy to name but a few.  The picture ledges are the same ones that we put in Annie’s room too.  You can find them here.


And that is it!  Eva loves her new space and I think it encompasses that fresh, calming vibe that we’d intended from the off.  I can see it doing her well into the teenage years (let’s face it, even the adult ones too! 😉 )

Next up, our room!  I’m so excited to show you around!


E x


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  1. February 21, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Emma, this is beyond beautiful! Any idea what colours were mixed to get this? Its exactly what I am looking for and can’t find anywhere!

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