the friday five…

how has your week been?

It has been half term with us and, honestly, we haven’t done anything very much at all! I have been muddling through on the work/life juggle. I was a bit stressed at the beginning of the week but the kids have mostly been so tolerant of it all. I’m thankful for their patience in these holiday times. Until very recently they’ve been used to a mum who has their undivided attention. Now it’s a bit like coming up for air at certain times of the day. I’m still getting used to the pace of this self-employment thing! I think they get it though and we’re planning on doing lots of nice things at the end of this week to make up for it.

where's Ernie??

Typical Noah - jammies, headphones, unmade bed!

so, what’s new this week?

Annie and her bobble hat

Kitchen Style


I ordered this cardigan way back in January after it kept pestering me on my Instagram feed (isn’t it creepy how IG does that? I’m not sure I even showed it any interest initially!) Anyhow, I absolutely love it and am so glad that I did! It’s super soft and has all those ‘Spanish dancer meets Granny’s knitting basket’ vibes that I can’t get enough of. It’s from an American website and takes a while to come but I really want to order the wine coloured one now too! Perfect for the Spring time when you don’t really need a heavy coat but you still need something, you know?

Cosiest cardi ever!

I think we have established now that I am a total sucker for a basket bag and what could be cuter than an actual heart shaped one? I think I might give this to Eva as I think she has fallen for it a little. Girl has taste!

Zara heart shaped bag

Oh, and Annie is following in the old footsteps too, and picked out this pretty little basket of her own. I’m just so excited for it to warm up so that we can legitimately get using these and pull out our sundresses and sandals to go with!

Zara crossbody bag with scarf


The Greatest Showman take two! It was Coco vs this for our Half Term cinema trip and the kids needed (almost!) no persuasion to choose the circus life. I want to tell you that I go for the amazing storyline and catchy songs (which are incredible!) but really I’m just there for Hugh guys. I love him. I mean, I feel Jenny Lind’s pain. If you’ve seen it you’ll understand!


I changed up our playroom décor a little this week and brought out my mustard coloured cushions that I was saving for the office. I actually think I might keep everything more neutral in there in terms of accessories – we have the pink sofa (aka Janine ;)) and mint green velvet desk chairs, so I think we maybe have enough going on? I’ll see how it looks when it’s all done anyway but for now I’m loving a little pop of colour in here!

Spring cushions

Playroom spring change-up!


We’re off to London next weekend with Airbnb and are spending Saturday night camping out in the Natural History Museum. It was one of those opportunities that I jumped at when we were asked way back in November. I think the kids are going to love it so much! Tours by torchlight, interactive workshops and midnight feasts above the museum exhibition halls – it sounds like so much fun and a real once in a lifetime experience. I’ll be on social media throughout it all anyway so do follow along if you’d like to!


Pancakes for Pancake Tuesday naturally (chocolate chip ones with chocolate sauce at 9am. Winner! 😉 ) I also made Andrew and I a version of Aubergine Parmigiana for our Valentines meal and it was delicious! Just chop a couple of aubergines into slices (I divided them each into four lengthways) cover with Passata and add in twenty(ish) baby vine tomatoes, chopped. Then chop some mozzarella over the top and cook at 180C for around forty minutes. Serve with basil, shaved parmesan and some crusty bread! Easy peasy and so tasty. It makes for great leftovers too!

Breakfast at Little Wood

Flowers on the mantle

and that was our week!

I hope you’ve had a great one too!

Emma x

Ps. Don’t forget my Friday updates over on my shopping pages!



  1. February 16, 2018 / 11:07 am

    The half-term has been great for less traffic for me heading to work this week but it was absolutely mental in town last night trying to get a table at a restaurant!

    Loving the little bursts of colour your incorporating throughout the house, the mustard cushions especially!

    Heading to see the greatest showman tonight and I am literally bouncing with excitement!! And Hugh Jackman <3

    Your London trip sounds so exciting! Hopefully nothing comes alive 😉

    Have a lovely weekend!

    x Hayley The Tiny x
    Hayley The Tiny recently posted…Primark’s Kids Shoe’s – Finding the Perfect Ankle BootsMy Profile

  2. February 17, 2018 / 11:09 am

    The playroom is so pretty and I love those bags.
    Have an amazing time in London xx

  3. March 8, 2018 / 9:54 am

    Emma beautiful home you have. And Ernie is behind the sofa!

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