the friday five

hello there! happy friday!

This week has flown past in a blur of me playing catch-up after the best weekend away.  It’s always the trade off when you go away, isn’t it, and all the jobs that you usually get around to at the weekend have to be left for another time.  That said though, it was all completely worth it and I had the best little break with main man. (Andrew, not Ernie.  I always have to clarify 😉 )  If you missed it you can read about it here.

what’s new this week?


I’m totally obsessed with little jewellery pieces at the moment and am working on building a jewellery collection that is full of things that I can wear every day, rather than statement pieces that sit waiting for a special occasion.  I’ve recently added this little necklace to my collection and have this one and this one next on my wish list too.  I love that I can wear this double looped around my neck or as one super long chain too.  I think it will be extra lovely worn long in the Summer with bare shoulders and sun dresses.  Very boho chic!

I shared this blouse over on my Instastories last week and I know lots of you have bought it too.  It’s so pretty (and so affordable!)  Definitely my top (excuse the pun) buy this month!


I bought some willow stems in the supermarket this week and have popped them in jars around the house.  The little burst of Spring is getting me excited for everything waking up again outside too.  Our own willow trees are just in bud now, and it amazes me each year how early they bloom.  Not wanting to wish the days away, but it’s such a welcome season after a long Winter, isn’t it?


pj evenings with my pup!

I feel like it needs a fanfare all of its very own, but I’m on book number three of the month (I’d put the ‘hands in the air’ emoji in here if I could!) I finished Amy Snow (it was ok, but I was expecting more!) and am currently on The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley.  I read so quickly (years of practice at Uni when I had to get through a Dickens tome each week) and am loving it now that I’m committed to it once again.  There’s nothing quite like a book!


We’re off to London next month on a really exciting trip with our friends at Airbnb and so we’re focused now on carefully planning out any free time in the city.  I’ll tell you more about it nearer the time but it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience.  I’m mostly so excited for our kids!


Eva and I made flapjacks from The Roasting Tin last Thursday and they were totally delicious.  I mean, there’s a tonne of butter and golden syrup in there so they were hardly going to be anything but! 😉  It’s such a lovely cookbook though and I’m planning on trying out one of the savoury recipes this weekend!

and that’s it for now!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week and have something fun planned this weekend.  I’m excited to spend it with my guys, doing not very much at all!

Oh! And don’t forget to check out my shopping pages for Friday updates.  I’ve found some gorgeous things this week!

Emma x

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  1. Hazel
    January 27, 2018 / 8:31 am

    Emma, I highly recommend A Good Hiding and her latest book The Unknowns by Lisburn Born author Shirley Ann McMillan. They’re aimed at young adults but have received great reviews from adults too. Couldn’t put either of them down!

    • Emma
      January 27, 2018 / 9:25 am

      Ooh, fantastic, thank you. I will definitely investigate. I love a good book recommendation and even better a local author! Xx

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