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We were working through Annie’s spellings the other afternoon and making up sentences to explain each one. It says a lot about my haggard appearance at the moment that she chose ‘Mummy is almost seventy’ to explain the big number.

Thanks kiddo. No inheritance for you. 😉

As much as I’ve been struggling through this Winter season (eating all the chocolate biscuits as I go!) I’m starting to see little signs that the end is in sight. Brighter mornings, early buds on the trees, 6pm sun-downs and new season everything in the shops. Spring is just around the corner and I’m so happy about it!

so, what’s new this week?

Ernie peeking!


Nothing too special this week, just a mix of my usual jeans and blouses! I did have two new arrivals though which I’ve stored away for the warmer weather. I’ve learnt my lesson in the past and waited to buy things, only to miss them. Now if they’re things I know I’ll still love in a few months time I just get them and store them away. It’s like having new clothes and not (really!) having to pay for them when the season rolls around!

Round raffia basket bag

Bathroom Selfie!

ASOS Leather pointed mules

bag, shoes


Andrew and I had a cinema date to see The Greatest Showman yesterday and, oh my, how amazing was it?! Eva watched it on Wednesday with some friends too so now we’re all obsessed with the sound track and are belting ‘This Is Me’ at any given opportunity (it’s v v tuneful as I’m sure you can imagine 😉 ) Trying to get a date in the diary to have a family trip to watch it again. Annie and Noah have massive FOMO! 🙂


My favourite sort of weekend is the type where it’s a bit lazy and a bit busy all at once and last weekend was just that. We managed to tidy and organise the kids rooms, take a trip out for lunch, ferry Eva to all her usual Saturday sport, incorporate dog walks and numerous coffee breaks and cook two amazing dinners too (coming to that, hold on one sec…) We also picked up the office floor!

Blossom on the mantle

Lazy weekend vibes

Tidying the biggest room

Out for weekend lunch!

Wool dolls and Paper Dolls!


It deserves a whole category of its own because I love it so!

I had the total fear on Friday night that we’d totally picked the wrong thing and I was going to completely hate it, but thank goodness I’m so happy with it. We went for a blonde French oak parquet in the end (the colour is Beaujolais for anyone interested!) and it’s absolutely perfect. It looks so good against the brick in our fireplace and also amazing with the pink sofa (I’ve named her Janine in honour of a sweet friend. If she were to be a piece of furniture I feel like a pink velvet sofa would be it! 😉 ) Our fitter is starting in a couple of weeks and it will be a messy few days (we’re also getting our hall floor completely restored) but I’m hoping I can keep focused on the end result!

Wooden floor arrived for the office!


You’re going to be sick of me talking about this book, but we made two dishes from The Roasting Tin this weekend – the crispy baked gnocchi with mozzarella and pine nuts (I added in extra passata so it was less crispy but still so delicious!) and the five-spice duck with wild rice, crispy kale and ginger (breaking my plant-based run in the most delicious way. It was incredible!) This weekend I want to try the spiced roast aubergine and potatoes with coconut rice. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Hope you have a lovely weekend everyone!

Emma x

p.s The usual Friday updates are over on my shopping pages today if you’d like to see!


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