the tastiest christmas eve club sandwich {with brennans be good}

We host a drinks party at home every Christmas Eve, and invite all our neighbours to join us to toast to the festive season. With most of our day focused around that, and the evening devoted to making sure Santa is well catered for in the mince pie and Guinness areas (I hear he’s partial to the black stuff whilst passing Ireland! 😉 ) we do try and make something special for lunch on Christmas Eve. This year I’m going to be whipping up our favourite club sandwich, using Brennans Be Good Sandwich Breads. It is quick and super tasty, whilst also being a relatively healthy start to the season of indulgence. With only ninety six calories per bun, and being both low in fat and high in fibre, Be Good Sandwich Breads are the perfect alternative to heavier options and, let’s face it, every little helps at this time of year, doesn’t it?

The addition of warm tomato and balsamic relish is the crowning glory of this family favourite. You must try it!



Christmas Eve Club


Brennans Be Good Sandwich Breads (I used a combination of Wholemeal and Sesame and Linseed ones!)

Large slicing tomatoes

Little gem lettuce

Chicken goujons or breaded fillets

Lean smoked bacon


  • Cook goujons and bacon as per instructions.  Slice goujons into strips.
  • Slice up tomatoes and add to a board with lettuce leaves and your other cooked fillings.
  • Accompany with a selection of Be Good Sandwich Breads, some warm tomato relish and build your own Christmas Eve Club!


For the relish…

One large punnet baby tomatoes (I used bistro ones for extra colour) halved

4 cloves garlic, chopped

Pinch oregano

2 big splashes olive oil

2 tablespoons capers

Knob of butter

2 splashes balsamic vinegar

  • Warm oil on a medium heat and add garlic, oregano and capers.  Gently brown.
  • Add in cherry tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.  Stir gently.
  • Add butter and balsamic and simmer relish over a low heat for five minutes.  Tomatoes will soften down to thicken the sauce.
  • Serve warm with your Christmas Club!


Our kids love this type of sharing meal, and the option of choosing their own fillings too. And it totally encapsulates the spirit of the season too I think – tasty, no-nonsense food, cooking and gathering together, and the simple pleasures of this most wonderful time of year.


Merry Christmas!


Emma x


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