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When our children were tiny I developed this real love for baking. I’m not sure whether it was a distraction from what could sometimes be quite a monotonous routine as a SAHM of three under five, or whether I fancied myself as a bit of a Kirsty Allsopp or Nigella (How I lol at that now. I literally burn ready made pizza. Cooking is not my strong suit!) but the creative process of making something that looked pretty, and often tasted quite good too, was one I just enjoyed.

Fast forward a dozen or so years and it’s a vibe that I seemed to have really passed on to Eva too. It’s well documented on here how much she loves spending time in the kitchen, and so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes for her to try out. I found this one recently on Pinterest (you can find the original here!) and the combination of the cleverest little design, and an easy peasy recipe, made it a total winner for us.

I’m working with Golden Cow to share how we got on in putting our cupcakes together, and it’s a partnership that has been ongoing for us over the past couple of years. As one of Northern Ireland’s most loved butter brands, Golden Cow has been integral in helping to create dishes in homes across the country for over one hundred years now. It certainly is in ours, and the golden packaging is synonymous with family moments, from weekend lunches to festive gatherings, picnic preparations to family celebrations.

These ice cream cupcakes can be whipped up so quickly, and I think they’d be amazing for a birthday party or Summer celebration. They’re also perfect to get younger children involved with making too. You could even set up a decorating station as a party activity, and let them loose with different sprinkles and toppings. (Sidenote – We once did this with milkshakes at a party for Noah and it got MESSY. 😊 It’s maybe a good idea to provide aprons!)

ice cream cupcakes


for the cake…

150g Golden Cow butter

150g Caster Sugar

150g Self Raising Flour

3 Medium Eggs

Flat bottomed ice cream cones (Askey’s or similar)

for the icing…

250g Golden Cow butter

500g Icing Sugar

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

2 tbsp Milk

Ice Cream Flakes (half per cupcake)

Assorted sprinkles (we used Hundreds and Thousands)


Preheat oven to 150C (fan assisted) and place your ice cream cones into a muffin tin. No need to grease or line the tin beforehand.

Cream together butter and sugar, and then add the eggs and flour. If you are doing this by hand fold in the eggs and flour gradually. We used a mixer with a cake paddle and just threw everything in together and let it do its thing. Literally a two second job!

Take one heaped tablespoon of mixture per cone, and fill until half way up the cone case.

Place in the oven for 15-20 mins, turning half way through. (The original recipe says 25-30 mins for this, but that would have been far too long for them in our oven. They were perfectly done after 15 minutes. I think just knowing your own oven here, and keeping an eye on them as they cook, is probably the best advice. There is not a lot of cake in each one, so they really won’t take long!)

When they are golden brown and spring back to the touch, they are done. Leave to cool for half an hour. To make the icing, add all your ingredients to the bowl or mixer and whisk until combined. We divided our buttercream in half and added pink food colouring to one half for a strawberry and vanilla ice cream look. You could do chocolate too, or swirl a couple of colours together in the piping bag for a raspberry ripple effect.

Once the cakes have cooled, pipe your icing on top using a large nozzle (I let Eva do this as she’s way more competent than I am! 😉)

Add half of an ice cream flake, and your choice of sprinkles and serve!

They are so pretty and taste amazing too. The perfect Spring and Summer party treat, and a lot less likely to melt all over your table than the real deal!

Emma x

**Thank you so much to Golden Cow for sponsoring this post. As always, all images, opinions and love of sweet treats are entirely our own.**

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