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What a week to be alive!

I’m writing this on a damp Friday morning, and thinking that it’s probably just as well it’s raining really because a) The under-water/ over-water plant stress has been real and b) I’ve managed to read a whole book whilst sitting in the sun this past week.  This is, of course, amazing, but will indicate to you how much time I have NOT spent on my laptop.  It’s good to be back!

Anyhow, I thought I’d jump right back in with five happy things, and a little life update too!


1. With all the good weather around the garden has been blooming this past fortnight or so.  The little fence that we built seems to be doing its job and, free from bunny attack, the plants are thriving.  Our Lavender and Veronica are flowering and the hydrangea are in full bloom.  Even our three year old Wisteria, which we’d pretty much given up on, has four whole flowers this year.  We celebrate the small victories you guys! 😉




Andrew fitted this little archway and gate last weekend, and it really just finishes the patio space off.  We still have to paint it (currently in the cream/ green debate!) and plant some climbers up it, but I’m really happy with how it looks so far.  Hoping it dries up a bit this weekend so we can finish it off!


2.  The sunshine has been putting everyone in the best mood, and coaxing us all outdoors for the duration too.  We had a super spontaneous barbecue last Sunday with some of our best friends, and even filled the paddling pool up.  It’s a good day when you have to search out the swimsuits and electric pump again, is it not? 🙂



Swimwear : MINI BODEN



3. Eva was away pretty much the whole of last week on her school trip and it has been so lovely to have the whole gang back together again this week.  It has been a big year of change, for all of us, and I’m conscious of really appreciating these simple days most of all.  Life moves at a whirlwind pace, doesn’t it?  I think I’m recognising that more this year than ever really.  It’s bittersweet, but ultimately I’m so proud of the people my little three are becoming.  They are far from perfect, but they’re pretty perfect to us.



Eva’s Hair Bow : PERCY BOWS

Eva’s Dress : NEXT


4. I’ve been really getting back into my Instagram Stories this past few weeks.  I feel like I have phases with it, and sometimes I enjoy it more than others.  You guys are always so lovely about it though and it totally makes my day getting an opportunity to chat to you, to listen to your advice and to learn from your wisdom too.  I mean, this week I’ve learnt the name of a new type of flower, had coffee with the sweetest new friend and been directed to a two for one offer in Tesco on the tan I use.  And they say social media is a curse?  Not this week guys, not this week! 😉




My trousers and body : NEW LOOK

My shoes : ASOS

Annie and Eva’s boots : NEXT

Annie’s dress : MILOU AND PILOU

I’ve been writing a little more on my recent Instagram posts too, and am loving the therapy that it is for me.  I have a few plans creatively for the next few months and am working at getting them off the ground.  It’s good to be using my words again, it has always been what I feel most at ease doing.  I’m so encouraged by your lovely comments too!  You can find my recent posts here, here and here.

5. I mean, flowers are always a reason to be happy, but especially when they are simple, fuss-free and delivered by special people that you don’t see too often.  My aunt and uncle were visiting from London this week and brought me these little stunners.  A beautiful gift from beautiful people!

And some other things I’ve been loving…

The new series of Scandal.  Oh my!  We are finally getting caught up and I think it’s possibly the best season yet!

These little espadrilles.  Seriously the comfiest shoes ever.

This new bracelet.  I’ve been lusting after the Cartier Love bracelet for an age (#nohope!) but this is the best dupe I’ve found!

Essie Fiji polish against a tan.

M&S Bircher Muesli (the raspberry and apple one is so delicious!)

Ed Sheeran’s Barcelona at full blast.

Sunny Summer evenings.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

E x



  1. Denise
    May 12, 2017 / 12:34 pm

    Don’t give up on the wisteria. We planted one ten years ago. It flowered for the first time last year and this year it’s full of blooms! All good things come to those who wait.

    • Emma Martin
      May 12, 2017 / 12:37 pm

      Thank you Denise! Will definitely just let it do its thing then! 🙂 Patience, eh? Xx

  2. Lesley England
    May 12, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    Hi Emma could you remind me what the tan’s you use were x

    • Emma Martin
      May 12, 2017 / 7:09 pm

      Of course! It’s Garnier Ambre Solaire . It comes in lots of different forms but I use the cream one and find it best (the apricot scented one!) Hope that helps you! X

  3. May 12, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    Oh Emma, your house! Your dog! Your family! Loving how happy and sunny this update is and I adore that gate and arch x

    • Emma Martin
      May 13, 2017 / 10:00 am

      Aww thank you lovely! Hope you are well! Xx

  4. Sarah
    May 12, 2017 / 9:03 pm

    I just wondered what your little plants are you have put all round the patio? Are these going to grow large or be kept small?
    Thanks and happy weekend
    Sarah x

    • Emma Martin
      May 13, 2017 / 10:04 am

      Hi Sarah!
      They are Laurels. A new kind apparently, that don’t grow too high (I think they grow width wise instead!) We will still have to top them when they grow up a bit though. It will look like a soft hedge right along here eventually! Xx

  5. May 14, 2017 / 6:23 pm

    Oh these are so fun so gorgeous. I love love your outfit and the kids too. I need to buy more pale color clothes they just don’t ever stay clean long enough with MM hahahah That’s half the reason I dress her so brightly. lol 🙂 Sounds like it’s been lovely and sunny and your continual family adventures are fab as always.

  6. May 15, 2017 / 12:13 pm

    So enjoyed this post, your home and garden are so beautiful! I love following your Instagram posts each day x

  7. Catherine
    May 17, 2017 / 2:27 pm

    Hi Emma, house, family, garden all so stunning! I feel like this is the oddest question I have ever asked but what colour/type are your patio stones? We keep ending up with pinks/greys no matter what ee order. Thanks xx

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