a snowy weekend

We’re still living in the deep freeze over here, and the snow that came so swiftly on Thursday evening shows no sign of shifting just yet.  It made for the most Christmassy of weekends, this one past, and we made the most of all the festive feels.  I can’t recall the last time we had snow in December – it just makes everything so seasonal and pretty.  There’s definitely not the same appeal on those bitter January and February days!

So here we go with precisely one billion snow pictures, and a few other things from around home this week too!


Little Wood in snow



Doesn’t a blanket of white just make everything look so beautiful?  The countryside looked especially pretty on Friday morning.  I sent Andrew out early to take some pictures before the snow was spoiled with footprints and the dusting on the trees melted.  I swear he thinks I’m crazy at times, but it was totally worth it for these pictures.  I love how the tree branches look so fluffy and untouched.


Sunroom with Christmas Tree


Ernie has been absolutely loving the snow.  It has been a little too deep for him and he’s been less Daxie and more baby bunny jumping through it. Ha!  I got him this little coat from Pets at Home just in the nick of time for the weather changing and I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t secretly pleased that we coordinate. 😉



Duffle Coats : BODEN

My Coat : NEW LOOK

Eva’s Jumper : BODEN

My Jumper : NEXT


Bucket Bag : M&S


Indoors we’ve been embracing all the cosy vibes, lighting the fire and baking some seasonal treats.  Eva and I made a gingerbread traybake on Sunday and it’s just the stickiest, most delicious thing.  I’ll maybe share the recipe with you next week!


We also took a trip to the city to watch The Mac’s Christmas show.  This year it is Hansel and Gretel and it was so, so good.  All three of the kiddos loved it and Andrew and I really did too.  If you’re local I’d thoroughly recommend it (especially if you have children from about age four up!)  It’s running until early January.

This weekend we’re planning on making and building a gingerbread house, as well as a trip to town for some last present bits and bobs.  I can’t believe that it’s so nearly Christmas!  Feeling a wee bit disorganised, I’ll not lie, but excited and very thankful too.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

Emma x

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