christmas at little wood

Before it gets too far past New Year and we’re all on to Easter already (I’m one hundred percent burning a hyacinth candle right now and dreaming of daffodils.  I’m over Winter already, ha!) I thought I’d share a few pictures from round ours this Christmas period.  We had the quietest couple of holiday weeks, but it made for one of the loveliest breaks.  Time spent with family and friends, interspersed with lots of jobs around home too.  It has left me feeling really content and settled going into 2018, at a time when I’m normally a bit antsy and feeling the effects of the post-Christmas come-down.  If I was to set one major goal for myself this year I think it would be to do more of the things that keep me in this positive place – all too often I let things mount up and then get overwhelmed by them. One thing at a time, and a little bit each day.  This is going to be my mantra this year!

So, some pictures!


Christmas Playroom

Loafers & Wrap Front Dress

Wall Hanging in Bedroom


all pink everything…

The obsession continues for sure! 😉

My love for my favourite colour is not waning and I invested in both this pretty little beret and this gorgeous handmade wall hanging over the last few weeks.  My friend has just recently set up a business making these beautiful textile pieces and I’m totally addicted.  I’m after a mustard coloured one next for the new office!

beret , dress, loafers, wall hanging


Leopard Print Dress

Wrap Front Dress

Sunroom Christmas Tree

Ernie and Eva

Frosty Garden

Ernie on the sofa


ernie, full of christmas spirit!

We had a party at home on the 23rd, and another on the 24th and I think Ern found it all a bit overwhelming.  He’s pretty much slept ever since 🙂  It was definitely one of the best pre-Christmas periods though – full of family and friends and festive feeling.  We made a lot of our own party food this year too – filo parcels stuffed with brie and cranberry (and smoked cheese with chutney!), puff pastry stars and the mother of all Christmas cheese boards.  I’m still full from it all but don’t regret one single mouthful!

leopard print dress, eucalyptus wreath


Ernie's new bed


Breakfast at Little Wood


christmas colds and cosy evenings…

I ended up with the worst cold Christmas week and Andrew and the kids learnt a lot about patience in tough times, ha!  I’ve never been known for being the best sufferer and feeling rotten at holiday times has to be the ultimate insult to injury, doesn’t it?  Anyway, several lectures re the benefits of Berocca and actually taking some medicine when you feel ill (I’m a martyr!) and I finally started to feel better enough to eat all the cheese and chocolate.  Hooray for happy endings!  🙂

We spent our evenings catching up on The Sinner and really enjoyed it.  It was a little slow to get going but three episodes in and we were hooked.  Also, how amazing was Peaky Blinders?  I’m literally counting the days until Season 5.  I have the biggest crush on Tommy Shelby!

ernie’s bed


Emma and Annie

Striped top and shorts

Family at Christmas


boxing day (and big clear outs!)

I was determined to clear out our wardrobes over the holidays and we managed just that, as well as preparing our office room for painting. (Andrew has done this too and it’s looking so good!)  We’re now clear of most of the Christmas packaging (isn’t it insane how much you gather up?) and I’m ready to start this New Year with a bit less clutter.  Marie Kondo, bring it on!

striped top, shorts


New plant for the Bathroom

Rowallane Gardens

Rowallane Gardens

Greenhouse at Rowallane Gardens


frosty forest walks and foliage…

No holiday period is complete without… a trip to IKEA! (amiright?)  It’s Andrew’s favourite shop so, y’know, I’m always happy to indulge him. 😉  Anyhow, we came home with an enormous chopping board, three plants and a bevy of storage baskets (I refer you back to the Marie Kondo statement above.  Starting as I mean to go on with the purchase of a few things I probably didn’t even really need!  I’m not cut out for this minimalist living thing!)

We also took a trip to our favourite Rowallane Gardens, to stretch our legs and tick off the ‘frosty walk’ box on the to-do list.  It was as beautiful as ever – I love it in each and every season!

and that was christmas with us!

I hope you had the best one, celebrating with loved ones, and are enjoying the most peaceful beginning to this brand new year!


Emma x

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  1. January 5, 2018 / 11:50 am

    Your pictures always make me all warm and fuzzy if not a little envious because they are so beautiful and absolutely perfect!

    It looks like you had a fantastic Christmas! It is crazy how much packaging you gather up, and as much as I love opening presents the urge to immediately put them away into their little homes itches at me throughout the day.

    The cold/flu going around is horrible! It makes it even worse when you get it over christmas, but glad you are on the med and feeling better!

    Cannot wait to see all your travels and all the home changes!

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