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Hope you had a lovely weekend everyone!

I really enjoyed writing this weekend roundup last week, and so I thought I’d keep doing them for as long as I feel inspired to.  I’m not sure whether it’s the colder weather, or the new season shades, or whether I just fancy myself as an extra from Country Living magazine πŸ˜‰ but I’m bursting with ideas at the moment, and with things I really want to do too.  You have to ride the wave while you can I always feel.  No doubt the grey days of January and February will sap me of any creativity, so at least there’ll be a backlog of posts waiting for you to read then if you care to. πŸ™‚

This weekend past was the perfect balance of slow and busy.  Time spent at home and time outdoors.  They are my favourite type!

Some pictures!




Candle: H&M

Slippers: EMU

Knit feel PJs: NEXT (Top and Joggers)


I spent all of Saturday in my PJs and slippers, cleaning, organising and tidying.  If you follow on Instagram you’ll maybe have seen me mention that I made Eva a dedicated baking cupboard.  I’m going to do a full post on kitchen organisation soon so I’ll not mention too much more for now, but know that it totally inspired her to whip up her best pancakes on Sunday.  We need to document that recipe too I feel, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well!



Uncharacteristically un-styled but it’s always good to document a bit of progress and we’ve finally moved on a bit with the office!  We had the fireplace bricked out last week so, after a weekend of hoovering up a tonne of dust, we’re now ready for some plastering and painting.  The plan for here is to box out the chimney breast so that we can just paint it and fit a mantle, rather than the full fireplace surround.  We did have this room plumbed for a gas fire, but I think we’re just gong to run the wood flooring right into it, and fill it with plants and lanterns instead.  I’m after a beautiful cast iron radiator for the other wall, and I think that will give off more than enough heat in the room.  I have a million ideas of how I’m going to style this space and can’t wait to press on with it.



Girls Outfits: MINI BODEN


Jumper: H&M

Bag: M&S

Boots: NEXT



I had such a notion for fresh air and crunchy leaves on Sunday (I also really wanted to try Starbucks Caramelised Pecan Latte but we had no luck with that one unfortunately! Next time!) and so we headed to beautiful Antrim Castle Gardens.  I think we’ve been in almost every season but Autumn and I can’t believe that we’ve been missing its finest hour.  A couple of hours in woodland and perfect Autumn sunshine, and a stretch of our legs is always a recipe for a good Sunday.  And home to a roast and a log fire too!

Some extra things I’m loving this week…

  • After hearing my friend Mel Wiggins chat about taking up your space at September’s Country Blog Retreat, I was equally challenged by this post this week.  I feel like we are almost bred to be apologetic in this generation we live in, and to always feel the need to qualify our successes with our failures. You know – ‘Oh yes, the house is tidy but you want to see my car!’ (I wish this actually WASN’T my reality. Car tidiness is definitely not my forte. Ha!)  What if we were just like ‘You know what?  I’m a tidy person.  My kids are (mostly) clean. I cope OK for the most part and I’m pretty alright at my job too.’  Just owning it?  It’s something I’m trying to work on because, whilst life is rarely Insta-perfect ALL of the time…sometimes, it just is!  And that’s OK too.
  • Pastel coloured pumpkins and squashes.  Guys, I just can’t love an orange pumpkin.  I know, I know!  What sacrilege is this?  I just never feel restful around the colour orange (that’s the sort of statement that gets me a huge eyeroll from Andrew btw.  He keeps my feet on the ground for sure! ;))  Whites and soft greens though – That I can get on board with!



  • Making Plans.  Andrew and I have booked a little trip for January child-free and, whilst I’m always nervous in leaving the kids (and always a bit sad too as I love it most when we’re all together!) it’s something that we’ve been really feeling we need.  So much of our life in this chapter revolves around being a mum and a dad.  We are like ships in the night most evenings during the week – always ferrying someone somewhere – and I think it’s good to carve out that dedicated time to chat and just be us from time to time too.  We decided, rather than buy each other Christmas presents this year, that we would invest in an experience and so we’ve booked a city break and a beautiful hotel.  I’ll share more nearer the time!


I hope you are having a good Monday so far!

Emma x



  1. October 24, 2017 / 12:24 pm

    Oh I do love your blog, Emma. So gentle in tone and well written, punctuated with beautiful photography.
    It looks like you’ve struck the balance perfectly here between hunkering down and embracing hygge at home and getting outdoors and observing Autumn’s finest show.
    I pressed ‘publish’ on my first blogpost yesterday and it is both exciting and terrifying in equal measure! I’m a mum of three like you with girl (12), boy (8) and girl (3). I imagine it must be really tricky to find the balance with valuing their privacy but wanting to share family memories and good times, too. I hope I get it right just like you seem to!

    Have a lovely week,
    Carly xo
    Carly Sharples recently posted…To blog, or not to blog?My Profile

  2. Wendy
    October 24, 2017 / 1:21 pm

    I am a new reader to your blog – I live near the Rockies in Canada and am a drama and yoga teacher. We used to live in Galway and finding your blog just reminds me of my days there when our son was not fully grown and in university! Thank you for adding a lovely read to my morning of tea and toast! You have a lovely home and family and outlook on living authentically!

  3. Paula
    October 24, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    That’s exactly what myself and hubby are doing for each other this Christmas. Great idea.

  4. October 25, 2017 / 12:22 pm

    Oh so many great adventures, beautiful outfits, pumpkin fun, and new room creating here babes. I hope you and A have a blast away. We just took our first two day trip away to France without the kids. It felt weird I was so nervous but it was good for us all to have that time apart coming home then running and shouting to the door is fab too. What a welcome back. Enjoy every second it’s a different holiday when it’s just adults.

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