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Isn’t it amazing how sometimes, in the frenetic pace of life, we sometimes just catch the little breaks that seem really meant to be?  I’m sitting up in my bedroom writing this today whilst a storm rages outside.  I’m not a fan of this weather at all, particularly living where we do, but school and work closures have made for an extra day at home with my gang, and I’m thankful for small pleasures in the midst of this crazy Autumnal weather we have been given.

This weekend past was a slow one, but was also so much needed after a few crazy busy weeks.  I haven’t put together a post like this in the longest time and so I thought I’d just share a few pictures from the past few days, and also a few things I’ve been loving this last little while too!





I have a whole post to come later this week on a few new living room additions, and Autumn décor Little Wood style too.  I tend to update our living space a couple of times a year, and I’m really loving the whole ‘shades of white with texture’ look this season.  As much as I’d love to love those dark, moody colours (and I have tried them.  Hands up if you remember the bedroom paint disaster of 2016?)  I always come back to a fresh palette.  I’m mixing in lots of winter green this year too though and I think it’s something that will see us through the festive season and right the way to next Spring.





When it hasn’t been raining and gloomy the skies right now are just the best, aren’t they?  When we moved here at first it’s what really struck me about country living – how very big the sky seems.  It’s something that I often miss in the daily hamster wheel of life, but every now and then it puts on a show and reminds me all over again.

And guys, I can’t tell you what a revelation these slippers have been to me!  I know I’m totally verging into granny territory right here, but is sheepskin lining not just life? 🙂  I’m not classically a slipper person you know, but have been well and truly converted.





Style-wise, I shared this coat over on Instastories at the weekend and everyone went a bit crazy for it.  I’ve been searching for the right shade of camel for quite a while now (I feel that I really don’t suit the overly orangey shade and need something softer)  and discovered this one and snapped it up quick.  I styled it a couple of different ways for Saturday and Sunday – firstly with this jumper (which is the Autumn dream FYI!) and my Missoma necklace, and then with these boots, these jeans and this little sheer jumper for Sunday comfort.  Also truly loving that hat season is back.  Although, when is it NOT hat season?  I’m counting the days until the woolly ones can make a reappearance, I’ll not lie!





I promise we did have all three kids with us when we went out on Sunday, lol!  Annie and Noah are so often on scooters, especially when we visit the University quarter (Lots of ramps!  It should be in the NI for kids guidebook 😉 ) and, as such, they move at the actual speed of light.  Thankful for one girlie who is happy to take things at a slower pace and indulge her Mama in a picture or two!  Also, I’m taking as many pictures as I can of her in these coming months.  I know it maybe won’t always be so fun for her!

Some extra things I’m loving this week…

  • The camera on my new iPhone 8.  I’ve been looking at a new lens for my Olympus camera for the longest time, primarily to achieve that real depth of field effect in photos.  I take so many interiors shots and close-ups and it’s just something that I really aspired to.  I’d heard good things about the new iPhone camera but wasn’t really expecting too much from it.  It’s so great though!  I’ve been loving trying it out this past week or so.  The first picture in this post was taken purely on it!
  • I made the best guacamole last week and I’m excited to share the tastiest and healthiest snack recipe with you really soon.  I’m no whizz kid in the kitchen but I even astounded myself with how tasty it was!
  • Tiny gold earrings.  I’m loving all the options on ASOS at the moment.  Really affordable too!
  • New challenges!  I went on my first proper styling job last week and loved every single second of it.  It truly didn’t feel like work at all!  Andrew is finally seeing the use for my 579845 props now too so, win/win! 😉
  • Autumn in the countryside.  Crazy weather patterns aside, I do really love this season such a lot.  We are so lucky to live where we do, and so fortunate to witness all the finery of this time of year too.  A little more cold and crisp and a little less typhoon would be amazing but, you know, I’ll take it regardless!



Hope you had a lovely weekend everyone!


E x


** Some of the items contained in this post were gifted to me, but I was placed under no obligation to blog about them.  I’ll always only show you things that I genuinely love and use, and that fit with our ethos. **

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  1. October 17, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    Oh so many lovely things for Autumn I just love your style and the kiddos smiles. We miss you guys. Hopefully we get over soon for another visit. The house is looking so beautiful and Autumn styled I love it. We are ripping alot of our house apart at the moment some big changing coming soon. EEEK ! Can’t wait. How’s the office coming along?

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