frequently asked questions


how long have you been blogging?

Since January 2014!

what camera do you use?

We use the Olympus PEN E-PL7 mostly, though we do capture on our IPhone cameras too.

how long did your house build take?

It took us eleven months from foundations to moving in. You can read our build story here.

what colour is your front door?

It is a pre-coloured door but the RAL number is 7033. You can take this code to your local paint supplier and have it mixed.

how did you come up with ‘Little Wood’?

We have a wood as part of our garden, and when we were deciding on a name for the house it just seemed appropriate! Our original plans for the house had incorporated a thatched roof, and the intention was always for it to be called Little Thatch. We modified when plans changed! ☺

what skin care do you use?

You can find out all about my skincare (and skin struggles!) here.

i love your jumper / lamps / cups.  Where will I find them?

You can find links to most things I have picked up recently (and those on my lust list!) on my shopping pages.  Occasionally I use affiliate links, which means that I gain a small percentage commission on each sale generated via my site.  It won’t cost you any more though!

what colour of grey is on your walls?

It’s a Crown colour called Parfait.  It has been discontinued now but you can take that name to a paint supplier and they will mix it for you.

how do you take your photos and plan your Instagram gallery?

I’ve written a post on that here.

what breed is Ernie?

He’s a long haired miniature Dachshund.

where else can I find you guys?

You’ll be able to find us on… Facebook Twitter Instagram (And Insta-Stories!)

We’d love to say hello!

Emma x