autumn so far!

This season so far has been crazy busy for me on the work front, which is amazing, but does tend to mean that my own little space is feeling a little neglected. I’m making it my mission to check in here more regularly though because I miss you guys!

I think my problem is that I always feel that I need something big or important to say on here. I tend to update every day on Instagram and Instastories too, but I know not everyone follows over there. You maybe don’t care at all (ha!) but I’ve lately been feeling that the little moments are worth documenting in a big way too and so, even just for the memories, these little posts are worth it I think.

How on earth have you been?

Our decorating started today and the house is topsy turvy already. Ernie is a bit stressed by it all (he’s so territorial and a complete creature of habit too!) and I’ve spent the last ten minutes wondering if it was a wise idea to begin in the first place. It’ll be worth it though (I think. Hope!)

I’m so excited to show you our new rooms in a couple of weeks, when we get everything finished. I’m hoping they turn out like they are in my head! 😉

And I’m sorry to mention it (sorrynotsorry) but the festive campaigns have started in earnest for me. I’ll not lie, it feels waaaay too early, but I’m working on a few holiday themed collaborations in the next few weeks, which means Christmas trees and all the sparkles – in October. It makes me smile and shudder equally because, much as I love a bit of holiday spirit, I’m always more than ready to leave it until December 1st. Still, it’ll be fun!

Anyway, a few pictures from the first few Autumn weeks if you’d care to see …




^^  From a trip we took to The Annesley Gardens at Castlewellan the other week.  Everyone tends to head round the lake when they visit, but we always turn right instead.  It’s a warren of beautiful gardens at all times of the year, but especially pretty in Autumn and Spring I think.  A little hidden gem, away from the crowds too!

And I’ve been asked so much about these boots!  They are these ones (the leopard print pair down below are the same kind too!)




^^  I love them!  And my big girl still holding her dad’s hand just gives me all the feels.  She’s a daddy’s girl for sure!




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with Snapseed.


^^  Eva’s getting to the age now where I’d totally wear all her clothes if I thought I could get away with it.  It’s ironic because all she really wants to wear are tracksuits and leggings (I guess it’s not cool to dress like your mum when you’re eleven.  This makes me SO SAD though! 🙁 )  Her pinafore is available here, hat here and this blouse (which I’m dying about!) is here!




^^  These morning skies! Wowsers!




^^  You can get the girls’ dresses here, my jumper is here and hat here!  Noah is thankfully in all past season things (thank goodness for boys who don’t follow fashion! ha!)




^^  I love it when it’s cold, but not so cold that you can’t eat outside.  I also love it when a kindly waitress sees you trying to move a heavy sign to take your picture and not only helps you move it, but offers to take one of the whole gang too!  This is what I love about Belfast guys (and just our little island in general)  These people are just the friendliest, and they’re totally on board with all the insta opportunities too! 😉

I hope you’ve had a great week everyone!

E x



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  1. October 14, 2016 / 8:57 pm

    Such a lovely little touch in Emma! Isn’t Autumn just the most wonderful season?! Your little gang look particularly comfortable in autumnal co’ours too… Absolutely love all their little outfits!

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