the best way to shop this festive season…

spoiler ~ it doesn’t involve leaving your sofa! #ad

I’m no stranger to the delights of shopping. I mean, Andrew often comments that I like it a bit too much. (Can you ever have too much of a good thing though? That’s my question!) At this time of year in particular, I come into my own on the whole shopping front. Gift choosing and buying is one of my very favourite things, and I often think I could take it up as a professional sport/ mastermind specialist subject. It’s only a matter of time before they introduce that and I’m telling you now – I’m going in. 🙂

Surprisingly though, I’m really not a fan of the bustle that is associated with Christmas in our towns and cities. I love to support independent retailers at this time of year, but prefer to do so from the comfort of my own sofa – preferably accompanied by coffee and a Dachshund.

I’m partnering with Openreach again this season, to chat about how we use our Superfast Fibre Broadband to stay on top of all the demands that the season brings, whether that’s the search for the perfect gift, seeking inspiration for decorating around our home, or finding simple recipes to welcome guests and to share with them too.


In this particularly busy season our Superfast Fibre Broadband really comes into its own. With increased speed, fast connections and a stable, reliable service, we really lean on it at a time of year when so much time is spent browsing online. With Superfast it is definitely easier to keep on top of everything and the amount of last minute festive panics I have are (somewhat) reduced. 😉

With that in mind (and because I’m set on the www front!) I thought I’d share some little corners of the internet that I’ll be visiting this season. First up, gifts!


for alternative gifting…


Bryony Fripp

White Chalk Studio



Bamaluz Home

The Copper Otter

Hudson Home


Sass and Boho

Field Day Ireland

Little Ones

Daisy Belle Dreams

Love Lettie

Grace James Handmade

Lace and Lillies

Stocking Fillers

Scurry Home and Paper

Holly and Co

I love that all of these are small, independent businesses and so you can be assured that you are receiving the most unique of products, while supporting someone’s livelihood too. I always want to try to remember to do that when and where I can.


for the perfect festive home…

I always have a healthy obsession with Pinterest, but it ramps up a gear at this time of year in particular. Andrew is often tasked with creating some kind of Blue Peter inspired festive décor from three pieces of string and a pine cone (he loves it really!) and he has the eye roll mastered when I utter the magic words… ‘I’ve just had this idea…’

Anyhow, for all things festive inspired, you can check out my Christmas and Winter boards here!


and sweet treats to share…

When you have the best little baker in residence (Eva has made me totally redundant in the kitchen!) our oven and mixer don’t stop over the whole Christmas season. Some of our festive favourites include this ginger cake traybake, my signature cinnamon cake (so easy that even I can master it!) and this caramel and honeycomb sponge. I’m often so thankful that I actually have posts written on these so that I can prop the laptop up and have the recipe easily to hand! If Winter entertaining is more your thing, I’d also really recommend this mulled cider and some ideas to make your own little bar cart here!

I have linked one of the recipes that we’re planning on trying this year, over on IG Stories today. Do go and check that out too if you are in need of some inspiration!

What did we do before the internet was a thing, eh? As much as technology can get a bad rep sometimes, I’m so thankful to have it at my fingertips, especially in a season when everything moves at super speed. I’m confident at least that my fibre broadband can keep up, and even though I have multiple panics on the daily, I know it will all get done eventually (with the help of magic Christmas dust and the world wide web. 😉 )

Here’s to a really peaceful and enjoyable Christmas season, from my little family to yours.

Emma x

You can check out Openreach and use their postcode tool to find out what fibre speeds are available in your area.

**Thank you to Openreach for partnering with us on this series of posts.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, images and love of a Christmas cocktail are entirely our own.**

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